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Item: RainTree Custom Fitted Saddles


Made in your Choice of design,
from a silver parade saddle to a trail saddle or a sidesaddle,
built to fit any breed,
Andalusian, Arabian, Morgan, Quarter Horse, Norwegian Fjord, Peruvian, Paso Fino, Friesian, Tennessee Walker

For The Rider
Quilted, cushioned, balanced, seat
1# quality leather in natural, mahogany, black
Western or Tapadero 4 inch platform stirrups for comfort over long distances
All stirrups are hung facing forward, no twisting of your knees or ankles
A variety of saddle styles to suite your riding needs

For The Horse
Custom tree fitted to the horses back
Custom trees made to fit any breed
Flared tree back and front to allow freedom of movement of horses' shoulders and in loins
Maximum tree area of support to disperse the riders weight
Wide gullet for dispersing heat
Hi-tech saddle pads to protect the horses back







Riding has become much more technical, proper saddle fit can lead to a better performance. Like an ill-fitting pair of shoes that makes your feet sore, a saddle can sore your horses back if it doesn't fit right.

A horse's back is constantly changing shapes, from muscling up with exercise or fluctuations in weight, it is a riders duty to check saddle fit on a regular basis.

Not only will a poorly fitted saddle make your horse's back sore it can also cause lameness. Bad tempered, sullen, and disobedient horses might be in pain. Look for the reason: your saddle or unbalanced riding could be the culprit. Bucking, rearing, head tossing, and lameness, may be improved or eliminated by the proper saddle fit or a better-balanced rider.

The cause of a sore back or dry spots is uneven pressure or pressure points. A poor fitting saddle or an unbalanced rider can cause pressure points.


There are no common standards used by saddle makers in their tree sizes other than the seat measurements (cantle to pommel). Two semi quarter horse trees from different manufactures will not be the same size.

That being said, each breed of horse has a generic saddletree that will fit the majority of backs from that particular breed. But there are always horses that fall outside of the norm that will need help with special pads or a custom tree.

With a phone consultation we can discuss the problem you are having and determine a possible remedy. If a better fitting tree would benefit you and your horse, a mold is made of your horses back (not a difficult task). This custom mold is then sent to our factory where a custom tree is made to fit the exact shape of your horses back.

Cost of a custom fitted RainTree saddle, any style
Add $250 (measuring kit included in cost)

Included in the cost of your custom saddle is a measuring kit to make a 3-D model mold of your horse's back. This unique mold system will provide an accurate model of your horse's back. Anyone can easily create a 3-D model of his horse's back. The measuring kit is a flat sheet of thermal plastic that you slide into the oven and heat up until pliable and then mold to your horse's back.

Put our years of horse experience to work for you and your horse every time you buy a piece of equipment from RainTree Tack. We are always available to answer your questions. Call for help with your saddle fitting problems. 817 594 1597

Hi Cheryl,
Thought you might like to see the saddle you had made for me, well, really for my horse. I know he is a Paso Fino and not a Peruvian but you measured him for a saddle that now fits perfectly. I rode last night for over an hour, hence the sweat, and I just had my dislocated hip put back in 4 hours earlier. I am absolutely amazed at how wonderful this saddle is. Not only is it beautiful and extremely well made it is also very comfortable for both myself and my best friend, Paragon de Leo. Thank you so much from both of us. I will ride this saddle on Feb.10th.~ Our next 25 mile endurance race.
Lisa Canon
Missouri Foxtrotter( trainer, breeder and Okla. High Point Horse) Racking horse trainer, Gaited Arab (trainer and winner in many open gaited classes) and Paso Fino breeder & trainer in showing and endurance racing.

Please call us with your order or questions.
No returns on custom saddles.

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